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Are You Single yet? Planning to get committed? This is for you...

Are You Single yet? Planning to get committed? This is for you...

Nowaday, the most talkable things among friends are being single or committed. Friends who are all single, always longing to get committed while committed guys feels wingless in relationships. There are several reasons to be happy as well as stressed in either case. Here are few reasons to which you can be happy being a single.

  • If you want to be with someone doesn't mean you'll settle for anyone. You want a man who makes your heart skip a beat, who makes you laugh and feel happy just to be around him and most importantly you are willing to wait for him.
  • Being single is way better than being with one who makes you feel worse
  • Being single helps you more focussed on anything you long, may be your career. It doesn’t mean committed are not focussed, but singles are more focussed and are free to try out or examine anything independently.
  • Some of us have lost ourselves in relationships and marriages. When they end, we're left wondering who we were before "I" became "we. It's a noble act to focus on finding yourself and your happiness once more before welcoming another one into your life.
  • You're naturally supposed to try on different shapes and styles. Otherwise, how do you know what fits you the best?" Staying single to find who and what works best for you, is smart. Also you can be yourself.
  • Packing your schedule with things that make you happy deep in your soul, solo travel, a roadside walk, a get together, a party, volunteer work, whatever!—means, metaphorically, you've baked your life into a really delicious cake. And any man lucky enough to wiggle his way into your schedule will be the best buttercream icing.


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