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Gauri Lankesh Murder - Suspects' Sketches Released...

Gauri Lankesh, a critic of right-wing ideology and a fierce advocate of secularism, was shot as she returned home early in September from her office in Bengaluru. A man wearing a helmet to conceal his face was recorded on security cameras as he shot her in the chest.

The Karnataka Police special Investigation team probing the Bengaluru journalist Gauri Lankesh's murder has today released sketches of the suspected killers for "public help". The probe team has also released a video of the suspects that they obtained during the investigation.

The sketches have been released based on CCTV footage obtained and, according to the investigators, the attackers were in the city for at least seven days or so before the murder and inspected Ms Lankesh's house and the locality. It has also been stated that at least 250 people have been interrogated in connection with the case.

Last week, the Karnataka government had said that the killers of Bengaluru journalist Gauri Lankesh, have been identified but evidence is still being collected to prove their guilt.

"We know who it is," Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy stated, but declined to elaborate, explaining that disclosing more information could jeopardize the case.

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