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Rahul Gandhi would be made president of INC Soon - Confirms Sonia

Rahul Gandhi would be made president of INC Soon - Confirms Sonia

Indian National Congress President Sonia Gandhi has confirmed that her son Rahul Gandhi will take over as the next party chief soon.

"You have been asking me about Rahul (taking over the party) for a long time. It will be done soon," said Sonia, speaking on the sidelines of former president Pranab Mukherjee's book launch in New Delhi.

On Friday, the Uttarakhand Congress has passed a resolution urging Rahul Gandhi to take over as party president. The Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and four other state units have also passed similar resolutions.

Also, Sonia Gandhi doesn’t want to continue at the helm and wants Rahul to take over completely is a known fact. Over the past one year, it has been Rahul who has been calling the shots and taking major decisions.

As a part of the takeover strategy, Rahul has been the main face which Congress has been pitting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the last three years.

So, when Rahul was in the US recently, he attacked Modi for what he called his divisive politics and failed economics. And when senior ministers rushed in to defend the PM and attack Rahul, the Congress smiled as it saw in the retaliation an acknowledgement of the fact that Rahul was being seen as the main adversary to Modi.

Rahul as party president will make one thing clear, that 2019 will be a Modi versus Rahul election.

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